A cool magic flying ball that spins in your hand
A cool magic flying ball that spins in your hand
KIBTOY 2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball (Blue,Red and Pink)
KIBTOY 2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball (Blue,Red and Pink)
KIBTOY Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball,Blue
KIBTOY Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball (Blue,Red and Pink)
KIBTOY Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball,Blue
KIBTOY Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball (Blue,Red and Pink)
KIBTOY Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball,Pink
KIBTOY Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball,Red
2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball (Blue,Red and Pink)

2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys Flying Spinner Mini Drone Flying Ball (Blue,Red and Pink)

23 Reviews
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Newly upgraded 2.0!!Come to play the newest and hottest flying spinner ball in 2022 and 2023!!

  • Hi-Tech Hand Drone Toy with Cool RGB Lights: Colorful LEDs at night will make your magic ball even cooler! You can use your ingenuity to create your unique way of playing.

  • Newly upgraded 2.0 Spinning Ball: The flying ball toy provides intelligent flight, and different throwing angles and speeds will create different flight paths and boomerang effects.

  • Lightweight and Portable: Compared to the first-generation flying ball, the 2.0 Swirl Ball is softer and more durable, drop-resistant, lightweight and flexible. You don't have to worry about the flying toy being easily damaged by kids. It will stop automatically when it hits furniture or anything else.

  • USB charging: about 15 minutes for full charge, 20 minutes for working time. Support computer, power adapter, mobile phone, portable charger and other charging methods. The indicator light is on when charging, and the indicator light is off when fully charged.

  • Endless fun and multiple benefits: You can play Fly Ball indoors and outdoors. It is a great toy for all kinds of parties and events. In addition, it is also good for developing children's intelligence and improving their creative ability. For adults, it's the perfect way to reduce stress. It can easily shorten the distance between people. This is the perfect gift for anyone.

 Father and child playing with flying ball kibtoy

How To Play KIBTOY Flying Ball

We offer you more than just flying toys, it's also a bridge between you and your child.

  • Turn on the power button and hold the fly ball up, then just shake or tap to start! You can choose different angles and throw it away. Flying balls fly backwards or forwards in many different ways due to the reaction force of the wind and its own gravity.

  • When you throw the flying toy up 30° to fly, it will rotate around the axis perpendicular to the flight direction and fly back to you. then you can grab it.

  • Rotate it down 30° and throw the flying ball horizontally to fly. It will fly smoothly in a straight line. If you want to stop the game, just shake or tap this flyball and stop the spin. It's easy and safe. The closed roller design protects your hands when the toy is in flight.

 kids flying ball party kibtoy

What Made of KIBTOY Flying Ball

High Quality PP Material

After strict test, we finally choose PP to make the shall of our flying orb. It has the characteristic of soft but durable, safe and durable for children play.

 KIBTOY 2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys High Quality PP Material

UP Mark

Keep this UP mark upward, then the reaction force from the wind can take the toy fly. Try different angles you can find infinite possibilities of playing our mini drone flying ball.

KIBTOY 2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys UP Mark

Creative Design

Designed with mesh structure and slight body, the flying ball can fly up easily. Flying time is 15-20 minutes after 15 minutes charge.

KIBTOY 2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys Creative Design

Reverse propeller design

Unique reverse propeller design provides balanced support as the ball toy flies in a designated direction.

KIBTOY 2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys Reverse propeller design

Smart IC chip

The customized smart IC inside the PCB to control the fly ball works well. Similar to the pan on/off function, the LED light strip flashes and changes color.

KIBTOY 2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys Smart IC chip

Brushless Motor

This excellent engine powers the work of the whole product and it doesn't even take up much weight.

KIBTOY 2.0 Upgrade Flying Orb Toys Brushless Motor

KIBTOY flying ball is the warmest gift


  • 1 × The Flynova Pro

  • 1 × USB PowerCord

  • 1 x Manual guide with original box

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KIBTOY Magic Flying Levitating Ball Can Take You Much More Fun!

23 Reviews
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Reviews (23)
  • M
    Verified Buyer
    Flying spinner balls are fun, but difficult to master.
    I bought it last week for my son. He's played it everyday. At the beginning, he told me it's not easy to play it well. I encouraged him to practice everyday. This morning, he showed me how to develop a nice curve with this flying spinner.
  • M
    Mike Arnoldy.
    Verified Buyer
    This flying spinner ball toy definitely lives up to the reviews on being hard to figure out.
    The recharge time kills the fun a bit. It's fun anyway. My granddaughter loves it. I ordered the Flynova Pro Magic controller just wish it had been linked to buy at the same time. I do agree with others that there is a learning curve, but it didn’t take long for my granddaughter. It was also really cool at night time to play with the twirling lights.
  • S
    Sara Whitaker.
    Verified Buyer
    flying ball
    This little ball charged up easily, and even though I ordered it to give at Christmas, I had to try it first. We are over 60, so learning how to make it float back like a boomerang took a little while, but we did it! It doesn't seem like it will break anything, which is a plus. I'm looking forward to giving it to my great nieces and nephews! I may order one for myself!!
  • M
    Verified Buyer
    Flying Spinner Mini Drone
    It's fun and pets either love or hate it.
  • J
    Johnson Kirley.
    Verified Buyer
    Wonderful flying orbs
    It is FUN to play with and makes me LAUGH! I don't have good control of making it fly the way videos show it. The fact it turns off when it hits something is great. The lights continue to show in a stationary position so I can find it under the couch or behind something. I try to have it hover above my hand but in a moment it takes off. Sometimes it bounces off my hand or an object. Playing in a contained space is good for beginners. Try in an infrared sauna (no rocks or hot surfaces) or closet or very small room with all doors and windows closed. I find the sauna gives me lots of time to practice trying to hover or toss it straight to a friend.
  • P
    Verified Buyer
    flying drone
    Amazingly...this actually works! Just like they say it will. My son and I are fighting over who gets to use it LOL. It only runs about 10 min on a charge but that's about how long you want to use it anyway. Great purchase!
  • B
    Verified Buyer
    Fun flying orb.
    The light are great because when it crashes in an area where it’s out of sight, it’s a lot easier to find the flashing lights.
  • K
    Verified Buyer
    It's handy.
    It also has a crash stop sensor. Once it hits something it pretty much stops and drops. That’s when the led lights come in handy.
  • B
    Bob Hughes.
    Verified Buyer
    I bought this ball while stuck in quarantine because I thought it would be fun especially since I’m all by myself.
  • J
    Verified Buyer
    Kids loves it but it could be a weapon.
    Kids love it, but also use it as a weapon. 9/10 would order for self defense as well.