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KIBTOY™ Cartoon Remote Control Cars
KIBTOY™ Cartoon Remote Control Cars
KIBTOY™ Cartoon Remote Control Cars
KIBTOY™ Cartoon Remote Control Cars
KIBTOY™ Cartoon Remote Control Cars

KIBTOY™ Cartoon Remote Control Cars

12 Reviews
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This set of Kibtoy RC Cartoon Toy Cars will bring your kids much fun. It includes one removeable action figure,  one remote and one car.

This Kibtoy RC toy car is equipped with music and sound features. With its RC, you can make it to move forward and backward and trun life and right. 

The police in this Kibtoy RC Toy Car is so cute that children will play it for hours to see how he can fall out.

This Kibtoy toy set is designed as a child's first remote toy car and it comes with a steering wheel shaped RC controller with only 2 buttons for easy control.

Kids could gain multiple benefits from playing this set of Kibtoy RC toy car, such as sound discrbiination ability. 

This kibtoy toy car requires 3 AA Batteries, and its Remotes Require 2 AA Batteries. Batteries Not Included.

Other colour combinations are avalaible. When two or more toy cars are played, it could be a good chance to have a car race, which could help develop children's Social Skills.

This set of Kibtoy RC toy car is perfect for holiday Toy Gifts, such as their birthdays and other festivals.


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12 Reviews
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Reviews (12)
  • L
    Louie Louie.
    Verified Buyer
    Bought over a year ago, still a favorite
    I bought these cars for my granddaughter over a year ago. She loved them. She just turned three, but her brother is still not quite a year and a half old. They both love playing with these cars. My grandson loves chasing them but also has pretty good luck driving one. My granddaughter is very good at controlling the cars now. I love that one button makes the car go straight and the other makes it turn. That’s been much easier for them to learn than more expensive remote controlled cars I bought from Disney. I am also seriously impressed that after all this time, they are in great condition and still running off the original batteries. I do switch the cars off when the kids are not here. And truthfully, I sometimes take the opportunity to drive them around the house myself. They are lots of fun. One of my best toy purchases based on quality, longevity and on holding kids attention visit after visit
  • J
    J Peschl.
    Verified Buyer
    Beat Christmas gift our toddler received!
    If you’re second guessing buying this toy, don’t. We bought this set for our toddler boys ages 2&4. We gave it to them a Christmas Eve and they’ve been playing with it ever since. My four year old recently got another RC car that takes the same amount of batteries that hasn’t gotten nearly the attention these cars have. They’ve been playing constantly with these cars and the batteries have yet to need replacing. The four year has slammed the two cars together and the worst that has happened was one driver was ejected. Driver was easily placed back in the car. No pieces broken. If the boys are awake, they’re playing with these cars. I wish they had more controls than forward and back left but understandly for children these are simple enough to control.
  • S
    Verified Buyer
    4.0 out of 5 stars Good toys. Only if the blue one didn't play music non-stop!
    Car takes 3 AA batteries. Controller takes 2 AAs. So you need to buy 10 AA batteries in order to make your kids happy.
  • A
    Afro Bat.
    Verified Buyer
    Great toy for toddlers
    Bought for twin 3 year olds (birthday). A HIT. Only 2 control buttons, so instantly understood how to drive them. Appear durable. Music plays when pat head, button on car, etc. Music could get annoying— but think most parents get good at tuning out, with all gadgets these days. Has 4 insertable characters— not sure why 4, only 2, 1per car, can be used at one time, but nice to have extras
  • D
    Diedre N.
    Verified Buyer
    Great, but the sound is a problem
    Fun: 5 stars. My kids absolutely love these little cars, and have played with them (together!! without fighting!!) nonstop since they arrived. Function: 4 stars. They do not operate on carpet, though if you had short dense carpet it might work. I have pretty standard builder-grade carpet in my house and the cars just inch along on it, while on hardwood they're quite peppy. Function: 4 stars. They do not operate on carpet, though if you had short dense carpet it might work. I have pretty standard builder-grade carpet in my house and the cars just inch along on it, while on hardwood they're quite peppy. Function: 4 stars. They do not operate on carpet, though if you had short dense carpet it might work. I have pretty standard builder-grade carpet in my house and the cars just inch along on it, while on hardwood they're quite peppy. Sound: 1 star. Way too loud for my liking, and the speaker is situated partially under a wheel well, so putting tape over the speaker is not an option. There's no way to disable the sound, eitehr. Other: Interestingly, the red controller also controls another remote control car we own, which we discovered when we first opened these two and started hearing a weird noise inside the toybox. That's a bit of a bummer because now those two cars can't be on at the same time. For now it hasn't been too much of a problem.
  • A
    Alexandra Ybarra.
    Verified Buyer
    Great for children but not for me.
    As a big child myself, and as the father of two little boys, I want to of course have the large monster truck R/C vehicle that goes 30mph and can jump off cliffs or turn into an airplane by the push of a button. This is NOT that kind of toy. With that said, this IS an excellent toy for children who want to learn finger dexterity, problem solve from the limited control options (move forward straight or back up while turning one direction only), and not bang up the trim throughout your house too significantly (unlike matchbox metal cars that are raced or accidentally thrown). It's made for younger children, as once they get to 6 or 7, they will probably want something bigger and faster with more control options. It's definitely durable, not too noisy, and a good gift for most children under 6. There have been no issues with shipping or the functionality of the product since we received it, and the remotes run on limited battery power, as we are using AA's that were pretty much exhausted by glow track cars, and the remotes are still working.
  • L
    Lori Mosher.
    Verified Buyer
    Super product with an extra spark :)
    Gave these to my 18 month old grandson for xmas. He and his parents are in love with them. They are w/holding the remotes for now because too difficult for the boy to use - yet - but meanwhile said they are his favorite toy. He plays all day pushing them, and, what they discovered is unique, the cars will move all on their own which generates hysteria by all. Daughter figures the cars must be sensitive to some waves and when a car drives by, or something that triggers the remote type wave, the cars move on their own. Doubtful the mfg means for that to happen, by this small family thinks it's the greatest fun of all toys. I'm so happy that they love them. It's hard to buy online for an unseen child and know what will make them happy.
  • B
    Verified Buyer
    It's for the kids, not for the adults!
    These are great! My kids couldn't wait to get them out of the box. If you have more than one kid, the double pack is a must. We had an issue out of the box with one of the cars not making sound so I emailed Prextex. They responded within the hour and within 3 days I had a replacement. One of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. We've been playing with these cars for several weeks now. My kids are 2 and 5 and have dropped them, run them into the wall, stepped on them and they still work perfectly. They do take a lot of batteries but so far we are still on the original ones we put into both the remotes and the cars. Highly recommend this product and the Prextex brand!
  • L
    L. J. FINE.
    Verified Buyer
    Fun, easy to use, durable!
    The best little remote control cars. My twins love these and they’re even fun for the adults. Very easy to use and get the hang of (bought them for my twins 4th birthday) - they only go forward and the backward button allows them to turn backwards so you can easily get out of wherever you are. The music is tolerable and overall these are just so cute and well made. I will be buying another one for my daughter for her third birthday- she always steals her brothers so she needs one too! I will also be buying these as gifts for any child that has a birthday. They are so much fun.
  • M
    Madison Geary.
    Verified Buyer
    Easy to use and lots of fun
    On the remote there are two buttons one goes forward straight and the other goes backwards but curves a little so its like a turn while going backwards. I love that both of these toys work great on both carpet and tile, my daughters last remote control toy did not work on carpet so she could not use it because our whole house is mainly carpet, so this car is a win for us because of that. It is nice that this pack comes with two, so it can be shared with another friend or a parent. Overall, I really love this toy and it is what is expected for a young child who is learning how to control a remote control car.