How Decompression Toys Help Us Relieve Our Pressure?

September 27,2022

Decompression toys are popular online.

Some white-collars use them to relieve pressure, psychological experts remind: decompression at the same time to increase psychological resilience.

In the workplace, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of stress, resulting in low mood.

In recent years, relief toys have become popular online and are popular with many professionals.

Pinching an action figure, fidget spinner or punching an oversized sponge button seems to provide temporary relief when you're in a bad mood.

So why do adults love stress-relieving toys? Can stress-relieving toys really relieve stress? In recent days, the extreme news reporter conducted an interview to this.

 Kibtoy Decompressive Evil Squirrel Cup

On September 21, a reporter searched for "decompression toys" on an online platform, and thousands of search results appeared.

Careful browsing found that these decompression toys variety, such as: make pig, steamed stuffed bun, cat, chicken, mahjong and other various shapes of "knead music" toys; Have made the computer Enter key shape of sponge hammering toys; There are fidget spinners, which you can play with on your fingers or other objects; There is also a "decompress Rubik's cube", which has different shapes of keys, such as switch keys, ball point pen head keys, password lock roller, etc., can be pressed repeatedly when anxious; In addition, there are push card, cut soap, decompression ball and so on.

Many buyers commented, "suitable for anxiety when used for hand addiction".

 Kibtoy Squeezing to Pop Out Squirrel

Decompression Squirrel Cup

In a month sold more than 200 pieces of extract the toy shop, the reporter sees, a pinching decompression mahjong shape of the toy is made, the staff told reporters that the toy comfortable, slow rebound, very suitable for kneading decompression, the design of "rich" and "thousand", a few are selling well, have buyers comments, "too decompression, Every time I am scolded by the leader, I will use this to vent." 

And in a month sold 1400 pieces of decompression rubik's cube store, staff told reporters that the decompression toy ideas, from a lot of people always feel when anxiety "hands to play with something to feel comfortable", such as impatience when crazy push ball-point pen head, or press the switch, or love to knead express the bubble ball on the flexible packaging bags, etc., 

The cube has different keys on its six faces to help regulate negative emotions. So, what do you think about the effect of decompression toys?

In recent days, the reporter asked more than a dozen bought decompression toys of the public, most said there is a certain effect. Xiao Guan, a white-collar worker, said that he had bought a pinch music in the shape of an animal before, and rubbed it when he was upset, which can actually relieve his bad mood a little.

He would be amused by the funny sound of screaming chickens. However, about 30% of the respondents said that the role is not too big, "pinch, play, work is still not solved, but also delayed half a day, more irritable."

Increasing mental toughness is more important than using decompression toys to relax.

Why are so many people obsessed with stress-relieving toys? The reporter interviewed Wuhan mental health center sleep disorders ward director, psychotherapist Zhang Shufang.

She introduced that the reason for the effect of decompression toys on some people is that the first reason is that when the pressure is too great, the muscles of the whole body cannot relax.

Playing decompression toys can divert attention and help the muscles of the whole body to relax. Secondly, everyone's emotions and pressure need to be relieved. Some decompression toys have the effect of releasing air and transferring emotions, which is called "empathy" by psychologists.

For example, when the boss gives you a lot of pressure, to a symbol of the boss's decompression toy, beat two complaints about the bitter; The cute dolls, on the other hand, can give some people emotional comfort, acting as a listener, diverting their emotions.

 Kibtoy Busy Bag for Toddlers

Busy Bag for Toddlers

Does unzipping toys form dependencies? Zhang Shufang introduced that everyone has a learning process to deal with pressure.

If all the pressure is solved by punching and squeezing, in the long run, it will be more and more easy to become dependent on it, just like playing games, easy to get addicted to it, and form barriers to real society and life, and may be more and more unable to adapt to the outside world.

As adults, we should not only have short-term ways to relieve stress, but more importantly, learn how to reduce stress, increase stress resistance, and relieve emotional machinery.

Zhang advised citizens to first understand their sources of stress, such as work pressure, family or interpersonal tension. If the stress comes from work, we should learn how to help ourselves improve work efficiency, learn to get along with leaders and deal with pressure. "

It is very important to learn to constantly improve our psychological immunity and resilience. If the resilience increases, we can bear all kinds of pressure."

 Kibtoy magic cubes with shifting shapes

Magnetic Magic Cube with Shifting Shapes

How to find a long-term mechanism to relieve pressure, director Zhang said, how to relieve pressure, there is no absolute way, such as boys like to play ball, girls like to laugh with their girlfriends, listen to music, do crafts, do yoga, as long as it is positive and healthy, is OK.

She suggested that the general public, to learn self-decompression, understand the causes of pressure, combined with their own characteristics, according to the usual habits to learn to deal with pressure, pressure into power.

If long-term stress can not be relieved, even lead to anxiety, sleep disorders and other problems, you can go to the regular medical institutions for help to find out the causes of stress in a deeper level, understand themselves, understand themselves, find some suitable coping styles.