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How to choose dogs or cats harnesses?

January 12,2023

How to choose dogs or cats harnesses? 

For the equipment you use every day, of course you must choose the right one. Regardless of whether we choose a dog harness or a dog collar, the first principle we should remember is that it cannot cause certain damage to their skin or hair, and the strength must be good enough so that we can control them quickly. The behavior of them is fixed in a certain area. As for the material, it must be relatively durable and look beautiful, and the seams should not be very rough, because the rough surface is in contact with the dog's skin, and the friction is strong, which will cause them some damage.


Some pets need more than a plain old collar. Not the best choice for untrained pets who will frequently tug on the leash. Dog or Cat Harnesses come in a variety of styles and offer a range of uses. Before buying a cute dog harness, consider the following:


1. Is it adjustable for a secure fit? Will it hold up to extensive use out in the elements? Is it machine-washable or otherwise easy to clean?


2. Is it designed to keep your dog feeling comfy while in use? Does it avoid putting pressure on their throat and neck? Is there padding or other comfort-forward features?


3. Is it simple and easy to operate? Easy to put on and fits better than other types of dog harnesses. Handy for small dogs.


4. Dog Harnesses can also provide a sense of support on dogs that might otherwise feel uncomfortable or sensitive to pulling on collars. 

All in all, you do not always have to leave your dogs harness on. The ideal way to use this accessory is to put them on when going outside and remove them once you are back home. Leaving the pet harness on all day can lead to skin issues, especially in dogs with short coats.


Kibtoy supply new design pink cute cat harness Advantages:


Simple and easy to operate, the dog gets used to it quickly. Comfortable to wear and protects the neck area. A dog's front legs are rarely wrapped around a leash. There are many different styles and patterns to choose from.


A cute cat collar, on the other hand, can cause serious injury in the case of an accident. Dog reflective harnesses come in a variety of styles meaning, there is a range for your dog's size, breed and coat type, as well as needs too.


So how to choose details to better treat dogs?


1. Try to choose a chest strap with a Y-shaped chest.


The principle of this is similar to that of a collar, because there are various organs in the dog's neck. If it is tied with a leash, it will still cause damage to the dog's neck. Choose a Y-shaped harness on the front chest, which can see the pressure on the dog's neck. After putting on the chest harness, you have to take the dog for a walk to see if the strap on the chest will lift up to the dog's neck.


2. The Pet Dog Vest Harness should not be stuck to the dog's armpit.


The dog's armpit is also a relatively fragile place. If the armpit gets stuck, it will restrict the dog's movement when walking.


3. Does not affect the scapula.

Unlike humans, dogs do not have the restriction of the collarbone, which allows the dog's front legs to have a greater range of motion. As a result, the muscles around the dog's shoulders tend to become stiff and tense.


Go and choose a suitable traval leash harness for your dog, which will not only effectively control the dog's movements, but also will not cause harm to the dog! Its always helpful to understand how your dogs body functions, so that when you pick essentials for them, you can pick the right ones without causing any potential, unintentional damage.