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The Best Baby Bath Toys for Happy Baby 2023

January 13,2023

The Best Baby Bath Toys for Happy Bath Time 2023

You already know that play is an integral part of early childhood learning and development. Add in some water and carefully selected toys, and bath time becomes a clean slate for engaging little minds through play! Check out some of our favorite bath toys that squeeze out extra fun and learning in the tub.


1. Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toys

 montessori bath toys

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toys are the perfect addition to your baby’s bath. These floating bubbles each contain a cute little sea creature. They will bob happily about your bathtub and entertain your little one. Bath toys that encourage early language skills and teach basic math concepts are always a win


2. Montessori bath toys Baby Bath Ball

 montessori bath toys KIBTOY

The Munchkin Baby Bath Ball is the perfect bath time companion for little ones who love rolling and experimenting with a ball during playtime. This special ball does much more than roll around in the water though. It shakes and rattles thanks to the inner ball surrounded by the plastic cage.


3. Silicone Best Baby Bath Toys (set of 4)


These adorable kibtoy bath toys are made from 100% silicone. Designed with little hands in mind, they are soft and easy to hold. Each set includes an owl, bunny, bear and cat. The best part is how easy they are to clean ensuring no nasty mould build up - simply pull apart into two pieces to reach every nook and cranny. These are also dishwasher safe on the top shelf. Our silicone bath toys come as a pack of four in mixed animals guaranteeing endless fun in the bath tub. Made from 100% silicone.  Hand wash with care: Wipe with damp cloth and mild soap. Lay flat to dry.


4. Whale Bath Toy with LED Light

 bath toys with led light

It's hard to get your baby to be interested in bathing these days. Especially when you use the boring duck toy that just floats, but when you put the whale bath toy in the water, the cute whale bath toy will automatically sense the water spray and flashing lights, which will naturally attract your baby's attention. The whale bath toy also swings up and down, with a glowing belly, allowing your baby to follow the swing. Baby shower toys will keep your baby excited and enjoy bath time every time!


All in all, bath time has obvious benefits for babies and toddlers. Not only does it create an opportunity for uninterrupted bonding time, its a predictable (and hopefully relaxing!) routine to signal the transition to bed. But getting clean, having fun, and learning at the same time? That might be our favorite part of all. Sometimes the best toys are the most basic, and when it comes to bath time, you can't go wrong with cups!


Some baby bath time tips as follows:


Ask any parent, and they will tell you— the end is the best part of the day! We’re referring to bath time as such a special time to bond with your kiddo and get them ready for a good night’s sleep (hopefully!) However, nobody really teaches you how to bathe your baby safely or make it as easy as possible. There are some things you have to learn as you go along, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a helping hand. Here are our top five baby bath time tips— let us know what you think!


1. Get everything ready before you start

We all know that A happy bath time = a happy baby! So make sure you have everything you need for a happy baby bath time before you even run the tap- a warm towel to wrap baby in, nappy and clothes for afterwards, equipment for night-time feed, a cushion or towel to kneel on, bath toys, etc. This one is all the more important when you’re bathing young babies, as you’ll need two hands to do it safely. Tiny babies are very fidgety and slippery when they’re wet! It’s also good to make sure that the room is nice and warm to keep them as comfortable as possible.


2.Keep One Hand on Baby at All Times


While this tip is more of a safety notice, it’s important to note that your little one may also feel comforted by your touch when they’re in a new situation such as bath time. It’s important to never, ever leave baby unsupervised during bath time. Have everything within reach before you begin so you can always keep a hand on your little one to prevent slipping or rolling. If there’s a reason you need to step away from the bathtub—for instance, if you forgot something, need to answer the door, or need to help another child—take your baby along with you. 


3.Gently Warm Them Up


When you first put baby into the bath they may feel cold and want to get out, but ease them in gently and gradually warm them up by washing their body with a warm, damp flannel. Keeping them warm and not cold is your priority during bath time. If they’re just not enjoying it take them out wrap them up in a nice cuddly towel and try again tomorrow. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


4. Bath Octopus toys

It isn’t any baby bath without bath toys! They’ll have just as much fun with some ducks as they will with an old cup for filling up and pouring out with water. You don’t need to spend the earth on bath toys because sometimes it’s the household products they like the most! A fun bath time = a  happy bath time and bath toys will really help to up the engagement and enjoyment during it.

Octopus Bath Toy with 3 Octopus Rings