How do decompression toys help us relieve our pressure?

September 07,2022

How do decompression toys help us relieve our pressure?

It seems that more and more people complain about the increasing pressure in their life and work. Everybody, even those primary school pupils, have a lot things to worry about, a tough project, an incoming examination, a shaking relationship with their lovers, an important decision and so on. When people are not sure about something or want to put something under their firm control so that the uncertainty could be decreased as much as possible, the pressure might become less. Therefore, we are suggested by our friends to use decompression toys to help up feel better about ourselves. Is this suggestion really useful? In other words, how do decompression toys help us relieve our pressure? Furthermore, what toys should we choose to reduce our pressure? In this article, I want to discuss these three questions about decompression toys and provide some suggestions to help those who need use these toys to make then feel better.

First of all, can those decompression toys really help us feel better? When we google decompression toys in the internet, millions of them will pop out to attract us to purchase, such as push pop bubble fidgets, splat pig toys, squeeze balls and fidget cubes. Actually, people develop many ways to decompression, such as playing ball games with friends, travelling with their families and having delicious foods. According to a research by Fact. MR, the decompression toys market has witnessed a steady annual growth of 5.2% during the last 5 years. The primary reason for this growth could be attributed to the increasing pressure from the competition at workplace and the hectic lifestyle, which has caused people feel harder to keep the work-life balance. In other words, the increasing competition has changed peoples lifestyles and relationship with each other so much that its getting harder than ever for them to deal with. For instance, it could be very difficult for us to have some pleasant conversations or play toys with out family after work because we are too exhausted to maintain enough patience to listen to our childrens stories. We just want to lie on the bed till we feel better about ourselves. Besides, some of us might complain about our bad days to our family members. As for them, we become totally negative about the world, unreasonable, unstable, impatient, grumpy, irritable, self-centred, sad.... Nobody can put enough words to describe our bad emotions under much pressure. Whats worse, when we fail to end our bad situations under the pressure, things will getting worse because more pressure could be deviated from them. The increasingly booming decompression toys market could be seen as a proof that decompression toys could be useful for us. In short, the increasing pressure from our life has lead to the obvious tendency of using decompression toys to relieve. Then, how do decompression toys help us relieve pressure? There are at least three way those toy could help us relax, including distraction, building up self-confidence and increasing communication.

First, decompression toys could distract people from their pressure. No matte where their pressures come from, people tend to concentrate on them, trying to figure out solution in vain. Decompression toys could help them relax through giving them something to do unintentionally. For instance, people could feel relaxed when they flip this finger flip toy (Picture 1). When you feel stuck in some work, you might flip or spin their toy to relax. Playing a transformable fidget spinner (Picture 2 ) or Magnetic Fidget Toy Rings (Picture 3 ) will work the same way to help people relax. All in all, these simple fidget toys could take peoples minds away from their pressure for a moment so that they could take a break.

Picture 1: Finger Flip Toy

Picture 2: Transformable fidget spinner

Picture 3: Magnetic Fidegt Toy Rings

Second, decompression toys could help people build up self-confidence. Confronted pressure, people could feel frustrated and lose their self-confidence. When a pressure source, a tough decision or an incoming examination, they will concentrate on thinking how to make sure things could take place as they hope. However, they tend to feel frustrated or lack self-confidence when they find something derail from their planned way. It could be very hard for them to build up self-confidence even when they know that those setbacks are not final and they still have opportunities to change the situation. Much pressure could stop them from thinking objectively about themselves. According to a business report on the lookout of global decompression toys market given by Fact Mr., the variety of these toys is expanding along with the increasing market, from some simple ones, such as finger spinners and push pop boards to complicated ones, such as a busy board. Most of these toys are designed for people to enjoy them instead of achieving them. For instance, a push pop (Picture 4: Squidopop Fidget Toy) is very easy to play. You just need to use your finger to push down those bubbles one by one then push them up. You are not supposed to make any achievements but you can still feel achievements because you feel that you can really control this toy. This kind of feeling could help you rebuild confidence. In other words, it can make you feel less frustrated. When you feel better, you can come back to deal with those annoying difficult things.

Picture 4: Squidopop Fidget Toy

Third, decompression toys could help people relieved through increasing communication. When we share something with others, we could feel better because we think we are understood or empathized. Speak out our stories or worried could really help use feel better. Our pressure could be reduced through communication just like salt water could be diluted through adding more fresh water into the tank. However, its not so easy to share your pressure with others. You might feel it hard to tell your problems or difficult to find proper partners to communicate with. Anyway, everybody has their own pressure to deal with. Playing toys could work as an efficient way to share something with others. In other words, decompression toys could help your relieve through increasing communication with others. When you show how your friends you can push this Gorilla Fidget Toy (Picture four Decompression Gorilla Fidget Toy) into a funny way, everybody will become happy. You can also share this Electronic Flashing Cube (Picture 5) with your friends. Actually, most toys could help us relieve when we share them with others. For instance, playing a Pirate Barrel Turntable Game (Picture 6) or an Evil Squirrel (Picture 7) could also improve the communication between your and your friends.

Picture 5: Electronic Flashing Cube

Picture 6: Pirate Barrel Turntable Game

Picture 7: Decompression Evil Squirrel Cups

Increasing pressure has become inevitable in our life. Everybody has to deal with it every day. Decompression toys could help us relieve in these ways. Wed better use toys to make us feel better before pressure crashes us.