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How could parents choose flying toys for children

September 09,2022

How could parents choose flying toys for children?

If you are worried about your kids spending too much time before screens, and want to reduce their screen time and indulge in physical activities, you should read this articles about the best flying toys for children in 2021. I want to recommend you these flying toys because they could get your children engaged in some interesting games and facilitate their physical healthy. Of course, children at these days could not be completely screen-free because they are supposed to spend some time studying their subjects online. But playing these flying games could benefit them much both in their physical and mental areas. Fresh air, sunlight, socialization,burning-out extra energy and so on, could ensure children have a healthier lifestyle.


There are so many flying toys due to their various designs, such as rechargeable and replaceable, induction, remote controls and motors. However, we should pay much attention to their aerodynamic designs while choose them for our children because they decide how we can operate them. Children tend to play some toys which they could operate in some easy ways. Therefore, toys controlled by their hands induction and remote controls are usually their favorites. On the contrary, they would get bored with those toys they have to keep changing batteries frequently or they have to risk their hands to be jammed when trying to take them back. So, keep reading on. The best flying toys are listed as below.

Flying spinner ball

 Kibtoy Flying spinner ball

Kibtoy offers drones that require no remote control and don’t cause any accidents due to the internal placement of the propellers. These flying spinner toys are made of high-quality ABS which is flexible enough to withstand any number of crashes. With a built-in battery, you can recharge them with a USB port in 25 minutes. Colorful lights surround the drone and make for a fun experience both indoors and outdoors.


  • Flipped to stop
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Lightweight
  • Charges in 25 minutes
  • Runs for up to 10 minutes
  • Fall-resistant


No Tangle Throwing Parachute Toy

Kibtoy Throwing Parachute toys

These parachute toys will bring more fun to your family and children. Promotes not only kid's communications, but also their feelings and intelligence development.

The parachute toy has no strings to tangle, no batteries to replace and no assembly required, just simply toss it high and watch it fly.


1. Made of premium nylon material, non-toxic recyclable, eco-friendly.

2. Imitate the landing principle of the real parachute, it landing slowly.

3. Improve children's manipulative ability, bringing more fun, the perfect gift for your children.

4. A perfect gift on holidays such as Easter Day and Christmas, birthday party or theme party, bringing more fun to your family and children.


Super Rocket Launcher

Kibtoy super rocket Launcher stomp to launch

KIBTOY™ Super Rocket Launcher is one of the excellent toys that has been exciting for kids around the world, delivering fun, energetic play, and S.T.E.M. learning experiences. Foam-tipped rockets may be launched with ease by children of all ages. There is no fuse, no flame, and no electrical or mechanical parts. It's very safe for children to play.

This Super Rocket Launcher is a great way for youngsters to burn off children's energy before their bedtime. Parents will be happy to see that their kids can get some exercise and have fun while ensuring their safety.


Adjustable angle

Durable tripod stand

All-foam rockets that are safe for children to play

Easy to store


Toy Plane Launcher

Kitoy Toy Plane Launcher

It's well-known that outdoor sports are good for children's physical and mental health. Therefore, parents should encourage children to do more outdoor activities instead of letting them watch TV or play video games all day long.  

It's super easy to operate. You can learn how to launch airplanes in a few seconds.

This Kibtoy Plane Launcher is made of eco-friendly materials and easy to assemble.  The materials are EPP polymer which is lightweight, flexible and impact-resistant. It won't do harm to children. Besides, no batteries are required. You can have fun with it anytime.


LED Flying Discs

Kibtoy LED Flying Disc

This Kibtoy Flying Disc is so fun that it can attract children to play it for hours. It's a great outdoor toy. This Kibtoy Flying Disc is super aerodynamic and light-weighted (only 175 grams),  and made of tough and flexible plastic. It's portable and durable so that you can take it out to play anywhere anytime. This Kibtoy Flying Disc could light up itself to make it a great toy to play both in the day and at night. 

In order to make sure that this Kibtoy flying disc is safe for children, it has been well-designed without any burrs in its smooth surface and with the anti-slid edge for comfortable grip.


4-motor Stunt Fighter

This Kibtoy 4-motor Stunt Fighter, the newest and coolest RC plane in 2022, will definitely draw their attention to play for hours.

 Kibtoy 4-motor Stunt fighter

This 4-motor Stunt Fighter is unsualy in some ways. First of all, it has four motors to provide 4 times of power in the flight. It can hover like a drone and speed up like a normal plane.

This Stunt Fighter has a user-friendly RC which is based on gravity and easy to use. Due to its unique aerial design and 4 motors, this This RC Stunt Fighter could do stunts like circling around and flipping over. This Kibtoy 4-motor Stunt Fighter is good for beginners because it's very easy to control. This Kibtoy 4-motor Fighter is made of safe materials and connected with 2.4G hz RC in order to ensure it's safe for players. Ok, let's make a great stunning flight with this cool fighter.


3 in 1 Mini Drone Boat and Vehicle

Kibtoy 3-in-1 Mini RC drone, vehicle and boat, flying toy

This is not only a drone, but also a boat and vehicle.  It has three modes for you to play.

lIt's a drone flying in the sky.

lIt's a boat sailing on the water.

lIt's a car driving on the land.


lIt has two speeds, fast and slow for you to choose in these three play modes.

lHeadless Mode: When turning on the Headless Mode , you are the pilot of the drone and no need to worry about the direction , and flight will be easier.

lIt's water-proof.  

lIt's able to do flipping stunts in the sky.

l Its LED lights could make it the most shiny aircraft in the night sky.

Equal to three gifts.  This is a mini drone + remote control boat + remote control car, it can be children's day gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, New Year gifts. For your lovely children, friends.